Our Board of Trustees represents a cross section of Chicago’s civic, corporate, professional, and philanthropic communities.

The board’s constant stewardship and fundraising support enables Erikson to maintain its reputation as a premier institution of higher education.

Executive officers

Michelle L. Collins, Chair
President, Cambium, L.L.C.

John L. Hines, Jr., Vice Chair
Partner, Clark Hill PLC

Richard S. Schuham, Treasurer
Executive Vice President, Studley, Inc.

Ashley Hemphill Netzky, Secretary
Civic Leader

Life trustees

Virginia Bobins
T. Berry Brazelton, M.D.
Richard P. Kiphart
John W. McNulty
James J. Roche
Bernice Weissbourd

Members of the board

Catherine M. Adduci
President of the Board, Village of River Forest

Eric Adelstein
Partner, Adelstein Liston

Barbara T. Bowman
Professor, Erikson Institute

Ikram Goldman
President, ikram

Sabrina Gracias
Director of Investor Relations, Valor Equity Partners

Toby Herr
Director, Project Match

Bruce Huey
Of Counsel, Friedman & Huey Associates, LLP

Lewis S. Ingall
Executive Vice President, Heitman

Mitchell J. Lederer
Partner, Brand Capital, L.L.C.

Edward S. Loeb
Partner, Harris Associates

Shirley R. Madigan
Chair, Illinois Arts Council

Sarah Mangelsdorf
Provost and Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Judith K. McCaskey
Civic Leader

Diane Goldstick Meagher
President, Diane Meagher Events, Inc.

Kate Neisser
Civic Leader

Kathy Richland Pick
Owner, Kathy Richland Photography

Clare M. Pinkert
Attorney at the U.S. District Court
Northern District of Illinois

Cari B. Sacks
Civic Leader

Joy Segal
Civic Leader

Sara Crown Star
Civic Leader

Scott D. Steffens
Partner, Grant Thornton

Sandra Perez Sterling
Civic Leader

Eve M. Tyree
Civic Leader

Patricia R. Walsh
Civic Leader

Adrienne White-Faines
Executive Director, American Osteopathic Association

Susan J. Wislow
Civic Leader

Sheri B. Zuckerman
Civic Leader


For board inquiries, please call (312) 893-7101.