Date  ▾ Course # Course Title Cost
July 31 W765 Out of the Shadows: Child Physical Abuse Assessment and Intervention $150
August 7 W766 Understanding Child Maltreatment: A Psychosocial Approach $90
August 15 W759 Advanced Study in DIR®/Floortime™: A Developmental Intervention $150
August 21 W773 Authentic Assessment Enhancement $150
August 21 TEC101 Engaging Families to Expand Early Learning Opportunities: How Can Technology Help? Free!
August 28 W770 Early Intervention Methods: Historical and Future Trends $90
August 28 – September 11 EARLY Early Intervention Methods: A Three-Part Series $270 $243
September 4 W771 Early Intervention Methods: Sensory Strategies $90
September 5 W767 Clinical and Reflective Supervision in Child Welfare $150
September 5 W768 Shifting Perspectives: Infusing Infant and Early Childhood Mental Health into Early Intervention, Education, and Care $150
September 11 W772 Early Intervention Methods: Positioning for Optimal Performance $90
September 16 – September 19 W764 Infant Massage: Certificate Training $700
September 24 WEB003 Trauma and Young Children Free!
October 2 W774 Movement: Beyond Gross Motor Development $150
October 10 W515A Our Family Story: The NICU’s Lifelong Effects $150
October 14 TEC102 Using Technology and Children’s Media to Improve Social Skills in Young Children Free!
October 29 WEB010 Moving On: Professional Boundaries and Transitions in Early Intervention, Education, and Care Free!
December 4 W509 Looking at Children with New Eyes $150