Knowledge + attitude + practice = success

The best way to improve classroom instruction is to change what teachers believe and do — not just what they know.

It’s the “whole teacher approach” to professional development. Just as the “whole child” concept supports effective early childhood teaching and learning, the whole teacher approach recognizes that the greatest impact comes by supporting all aspects of a teacher’s growth and development.


We build preschool and early elementary teachers’ skills and confidence by giving them a thorough grounding in foundational mathematics, often filling in gaps in their math knowledge. Foundational math can seem simple, but in fact is abstract and hard to explain. Discover the Big Ideas


Many early childhood teachers admit they don’t really like math or even fear and avoid it. Our professional development helps teachers embrace math and learn to be comfortable enough with math to include it in everyday classroom activities.


Effective instruction requires trying something, observing, assessing, adjusting, and trying again, repeatedly. Most professional development programs can’t make the time commitment required to guide teachers through this cycle until they embed new knowledge in their daily lessons.

We can, because we support teachers over the course of a full school year and incorporate time for teachers to reflect on their practice and plan. This ensures that what teachers learn is put to good use in the classroom, directly benefiting students.

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