K436 – Advanced Practice with Parents and Children

3 Credit Hours

This advanced level course solidifies students’ practice knowledge and identity as developmentally-informed social workers. It builds on concepts learned throughout the program and is designed to deepen and integrate the student’s theoretical understanding and practice knowledge and skills. Students are expected to come to class ready to discuss their practice experiences and to apply the course concepts, ideas, tools, and methods to their work in a range of home, school, clinical, and community intervention settings. Case studies will be provided to supplement examples from students’ practice experiences. The course will help students further develop practice competencies for working with parents and children who are experiencing developmental, life transition, social, behavioral, contextual, and relational challenges. The course is structured around three main threads: 1) working with a diverse range of parents within their developmental, historical, and cultural contexts; 2) therapeutic process; and 3) working with specific populations of parents that students are likely to encounter in their work.

Programs that require this course: