T462 – Assessment of New Language Learners

3 Credit Hours

This course examines the construct and practice of assessment
for classroom teachers of pre-k to third grade children
from culturally and linguistically diverse backgrounds. The
primary foci of the course are 1) examining critical issues
regarding assessment and accountability in schools serving
culturally and linguistically diverse students, 2) studying
the challenges and promises in using assessment results to
improve classroom teaching of English Language Learners;
and 3) implementing a variety of assessment methods currently used to evaluate teaching and learning in classrooms,
including assessment of English language skills,
and assessing academic learning across the full range of
curriculum content areas. Teacher candidates learn principles
of assessment to shape meaningful and effective
learning for their students, and learn how to conduct developmental
screening, evaluate classroom quality, and implement
performance-based assessments. Teacher candidates
learn how to communicate assessment results to school
personnel as well as to parents and families regarding their
young children’s development and school learning.

Programs that require this course: