T466 and T467 – Proseminar for Teacher Candidates I and II

Credit Hours

This seminar provides a forum for teacher candidates to
1) begin their study of the Illinois Early Childhood
Standards, Erikson Institute’s Conceptual Framework for
Teacher Education, and 2) to discuss clinical experiences
being carried out within the context of their academic
courses. Candidates discuss observations of and interactions
with children, parents, teachers, and staff at the various
sites. The faculty adviser guides discussion of clinical
experiences and the many layers of diversity at work in any
child care setting. Teacher candidates learn to see the complexity
of factors at work in the interactions among participants
in a classroom or program, and between the school or
program and contemporary American society.
The seminar is designed to give candidates a heightened
awareness of the critical questions about human development,
teaching and learning, educational philosophy,
and school organization and governance that are shaped
by educators, parents and community members, as well
as tax-paying citizens and voters. The seminar leader
guides teacher candidates’ reflection on experiences and
development of professional skills toward mastery of the
ten outcomes detailed in Erikson Institute’s Conceptual
Framework for the Teacher Education Program.

Programs that require this course: