Erikson’s New Schools Project organizes events that bring together education leaders to discuss how to establish effective learning environments for children in prekindergarten through third-grade classrooms.

High-Quality PreK–3rd in the Age of Common Core

February 6, 2012
Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL

As Common Core State Standards and PreK–12 alignment shape school reform, high-quality PreK–3rd should be viewed as a critical first link in the full educational continuum. This event explored the challenges of developing quality PreK–3rd grade instruction, featuring speakers from Erikson and Chicago Public Schools, as well as professors Cybele Raver and Charles Payne. Video and other event info »

Exploring PreK–3rd Grade: A Dialogue on Educational Reform

March 31, 2011
Erikson Institute, Chicago, IL

More than 90 leaders from early childhood and K–12 education explored the new educational possibilities suggested by the PreK–3rd grade approach. Featured speakers included Lisa Guernsey of the New America Foundation and Arthur Reynolds of the University of Minnesota, as well as Erikson’s president Samuel Meisels. Video and other event info »

Download the white paper [PDF, 25 pg]