Chip Donohue, Ph.D., is internationally recognized as a leader in distance learning and online education, particularly for early childhood professionals.

He joined Erikson as director of distance learning in January 2009 and was named dean of Distance Learning and Continuing Education in June 2012. In this role, Donohue is leading the development of Erikson’s online master’s degree for experienced early childhood teachers, infant specialist and bilingual/ESL certificates, and professional development programs. He is also director of the new Technology in Early Childhood (TEC) Center where he is developing digital literacy resources and professional development programs for early childhood educators.

As a senior fellow of the Fred Rogers Center for Early Learning and Children’s Media, he co-chaired the working group that updated and revised the NAEYC/FRC Joint Position Statement on Technology Tools and Interactive Media in Early Childhood Programs Serving Children from Birth through Age 8. At the Rogers Center he is also helping to develop the Framework for Quality in Children’s Digital Media and design the Early Learning Environment.

Donohue previously directed the Center for Early Childhood Professional Development and Leadership at the School of Continuing Education at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. He taught face-to-face and online courses leading to a certificate and state credentialing in child care administration. He also has partnered with New Zealand Tertiary College to develop ecelearn, an innovative online approach for early childhood teacher education.

He has consulted and presented widely on distance learning topics across the U.S. and abroad. Since 2001, he has organized and cohosted several international e-teaching institutes.

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