Laura has been working with children and families in a variety of settings since 2004. Having worked both in school settings as well as privately, Laura has provided support to families dealing with issues such as learning differences, behavioral challenges, social skills challenges, and adjusting to transitions. Laura also has extensive experience leading parenting workshops and writing articles on topics including school choice, decision making, alternative school environments and mindful parenting.

As a staff clinician at the Center for Children and Families, Laura works with families on a wide range of issues, such as school-related behavior problems, peer relationship issues, discipline problems at home, child lack of self-esteem, and childhood anxiety . Laura also has specialized experience helping gifted children adjust to their social and academic environments. In addition, Laura is part of an effort to expand resources for parents at Erikson.

Laura earned her Master’s Degree in Human Services and Counseling from DePaul University and is a Licensed Professional Counselor.