Ruchira is a staff clinician at Erikson’s Center for Children and Families and has been working with families in clinical settings since 2005. She has a strong background in early childhood development, and has extensive training in trauma work with families and children.

Ruchira has worked in several settings over the last few years providing play therapy, group therapy with young children, infant assessment, parent-child therapy, and family therapy. Through her previous work in a therapeutic nursery, Ruchira is particularly experienced in supporting the developmental and social-emotional needs of children ages 3 through 6.

In addition, Ruchira currently works as a program supervisor at the Early Childhood Project with Erikson Institute and DCFS.

Ruchira has graduate training in psychology, child development and clinical social work. She has a master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Delhi in India, a master’s degree in child development from Erikson Institute, and a master’s in clinical social work from Loyola University, Chicago.