• More than 3,000 early childhood professionals have earned master’s degrees or certificates at Erikson.
    • Some 2,000 practitioners sharpen their skills in our certificate and continuing education programs each year. They serve almost 60,000 children in Illinois alone.
    • Erikson staff members assess every child under the age of three that enters the foster care system in Cook County, and work statewide with children birth through five in the care of or who are being closely monitored by the Illinois Department of Children and Family Services. Their evaluations and assessments help determine the child’s treatment, placement, and future legal status.
    • Since 2007, some 11,300 students in the Chicago Public Schools and around the country have directly benefited from better math lessons thanks to Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative.
    • More than 3,100 Chicago-area families with infants who have crying, feeding, or sleeping problems have been helped by our Fussy Baby Network since 2003. The network’s model of service and intervention has been replicated across the country.
    • Our M.S.W. students work in agencies that annually serve more than 20,000 children and families.
    • Nine CPS schools serving at least 7,500 children in pre-K through grade 3 received extensive coaching and professional development through our New Schools Project in 2013–14.
    • Erikson’s Herr Research Center for Children and Social Policy provides valuable research on early childhood issues to policymakers and funders in the Great Lakes region and beyond.
    • Our Center for Children and Families is recognized by pediatricians as the only Chicago-area clinic that provides a comprehensive level of assessment for preschool age children and younger. The Center provides family-centered assessment and treatment for children through age eight and their families.

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