Against All Odds

The first 1,100 days of life set the stage for a child’s long-term physical and emotional health, socioeconomic trajectory, life expectancy, happiness and wellbeing.

Today, our youngest children bear the brunt of intertwined crises—Coronavirus; chronic disinvestment in equitable education, housing, and healthcare; and systemic racism. By October 2020, children will have spent over 200 days enduring a pandemic. For three year olds, that’s one-fifth of their lives in the most chaotic and disruptive period in our nation’s recent history.

They must develop the resiliency to survive and ultimately thrive against all the odds. Your support for Erikson Institute, the premier academic institution dedicated to early childhood, will help us train the heroes in young children’s lives—teachers, social workers, civic leaders, parents and caregivers—to get them safely through this crisis so they can soar into promising futures.