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Early Childhood Education Endorsement or Licensure Program

Advance your career with a path to endorsement or licensure.

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Pursue your Passion

Prepare to teach young children.

Our endorsement and licensure programs will prepare you to teach young children from birth to second grade. Whether you’re currently an Illinois teacher or looking to pivot your master’s degree and become a teacher to young children, our 12-month programs will help you learn methods of teaching that will empower young children to love and excel in school.

Set Yourself Up for Continued Success with Additional Credentials

With two specific options based on your existing degree or licensure, Erikson offers you two programs to take your career to the next level.

Pivot your existing master’s degree and become a teacher to young children. This intensive, one-year teaching certificate program is open to students who have already been awarded a graduate degree in a discipline similar to education or child development.

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Extend your teaching credentials to teach the youngest children. This higher education program offers IL-licensed teachers the courses required to teach children ages birth to second grade with a 6-course sequence and no student teaching requirements.

Help Your Students Learn to Love School

Gillian McNamee
Gillian Dowley McNamee
PhD, Professor, Director, Teacher Education Program
“ Erikson institute is uniquely positioned to prepare professionals who understand young children’s development and desire to learn methods of teaching that empower racially, culturally and linguistically diverse children to love and excel in school. ”
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Early Childhood Graduate Program Faculty

Early Childhood Leaders Teach at Erikson

Learn from the field’s experts.

At Erikson Institute, our nationally recognized faculty share knowledge, research, and experiences to guide tomorrow’s leaders.

Develop close and collaborative relationships with Erikson’s professors — respected voices for children doing the critical work and research to further our practices — and become a leader in your field.

Meet our Faculty

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