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Infant Specialist Certificate

Invest in yourself and your career with this high-demand specialist certification.

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Serve Children Right From the Beginning

Become a credentialed infant/toddler developmental specialist or improve your practice, prepared to support social and emotional needs of infants and toddlers.

The Infant Specialist certificate prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Infant Toddler Credential, Level 5, through the Entitled Route.

Advance Your Infant Knowledge with Employer-Funded Cohort Learning

If you work for an agency or organization who understands the important role of caring for young children during the most important phases of development, this certificate program can help drive position outcomes for those you serve.

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Infant Specialization Is Needed Across a Range of Roles and Environments

Semester Internship
Credit Hours
Learning Formats: Campus, Online or Both
$ 1135
Credit Hour

Select Your Infant Specialist Certificate Concentration

Early Learning & Family Support

You will complete a two semester, 10-hour-a-week internship in an infant/toddler setting.

Prevention/Early Intervention

You will complete a two-semester internship under a developmental therapist in Part C Early Intervention services.

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Further your marketability with our Gateway to Opportunity Credential.

Erikson Institute has partnered with Illinois Gateways to Opportunity to be able to provide an entitled application route for the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Infant Toddler (ITC) Credential, Level 5.

Students in the Infancy Specialist Certificate program may seek these additional Illinois Gateways to Opportunity credentials to help demonstrate your content knowledge, skills and experience, especially to potential employers within Illinois. The application process, timing and related costs may vary.

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Explore a Few of the Certificate Courses

See all the infant specialist courses

Infant/Toddler Growth and Development: Typical and Atypical
The Infant/Toddler Growth and Development course is designed to introduce students to in-depth knowledge of infant development, including developmental patterns of infants at risk.
INF I390
Family Studies
This course is designed to promote an empathic understanding of parenting and family life from pregnancy through the first three years of life.
INF I391
Infant/Toddler Screening and Assessment
This course takes a relationship-based developmental approach to observation, screening, and assessment of children from birth through age three.
Laura Zibble
Infant Specialist Certificate 2014
“ I got my Infant Specialist graduate certificate, and what I love the most about Erikson is the community. It’s nice to be in a place full of like-minded people all focused on the whole family. ”
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