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Customized Trainings

Unique solutions in support of education and care, international education, data literacy and early childhood policy.

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Overview of Customized Training and Consulting Services

Reimagine Early Childhood Systems To Support Children and Families

Unlock your potential with customized trainings and consultive services to inspire and transform your organization.

Go deeper into your organization’s needs to determine the best path forward – one that creates better solutions for your unique needs. Erikson Institute offers specialized services to assess your challenges, develop a roadmap, and put your staff in a position to succeed.

Enhance your leadership capacity with an anti-racism approach where you can design an equitable and inclusive roadmap for your organization.

Creating Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Erikson is small enough to be nimble and flexible to your needs while delivering nationally recognized expertise and evidence-based solutions.

Rich Partnerships

Erikson partners with numerous community organizations, agencies, districts, schools, and centers to ensure solutions meet their needs.

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Whole-Child Focused

Our passion for understanding the complex nature of children, who are after all people, and systems that support them.

Policy and Research

Personalized Experience

Erikson Institute delivers a personalized professional development experience based on you or your team’s needs.

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Build Skills to Advance Your Child-Focused Career

Erikson offers short and intense professional development programs for early childhood professionals. These courses and seminars range from single to multiple sessions and may be in person, online or a combination of both. Once completed, students can make an immediate impact in their classroom, learning environment and more.

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