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Data Literacy Coaching

Discover the power of data justice.


Where Community History, Stories and Voices Deepen Data Literacy

Improving data literacy to create equitable solutions.

Data justice ensures communities shape the stories behind data to identify community needs, challenges and strengths. When we contextualize data, we’re better able to create equitable solutions that result in thriving environments for young children and their families.


Uncover the Motivations and Perspectives Shaping Data

There are many layers of influence that affect the how, when, where and why data is collected.

The Policy and Leadership Department provides data literacy coaching to help communities, researchers and stakeholders understand the various worldviews centered with data research and provides tools on how to contextualize data.

Having this grounding fosters a holistic approach to developing equitable and effective solutions that aim to ensure access to early childhood resources and create thriving environments for young children and their families.

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Supporting Data Ownership at the Source

Veronica Vidal
Director of Content Strategy
“ To avoid making assumptions and ensure community-driven solutions, the narrative and ownership of data should originate from the people and neighborhoods where data are collected. ”

Illinois Risk and Reach Project

Giving Illinois the Tools to Understand Risk Factors

A myriad of factors such maternal education, parental employment and violence exposure are among the many that influence child development. The Illinois Risk and Reach Report shows data on risk factors that undermine optimal child development in conjunction with data on the reach of state and federally funded programs designed to mitigate those risks. The most recent report maps 2019 county data that affect family stability, the health and development of children, and early childcare and education programs.


The report is designed to:

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Evaluate how well we are reaching children experiencing risk factors

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Help communities better understand early childhood programming gaps, needs and resources

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Inform decisions regarding policy, practice, and funding 

The Early Development Instrument Project

Data that Increases Local Early Childhood Resources

A child grows and develops within the context of relationships and their environment.

The Early Development Instrument (EDI) Project collected data in five Illinois communities to understand if children are arriving to kindergarten ready to learn. Community leaders use the data to advocate for increased preschool programs, health screenings and other resources that help prepare children for kindergarten.

Data for the five communities is available and others interested in engaging in the EDI, can inquire with the UCLA Center for Healthier Children, Families & Communities.

Explore EDI data maps from five Illinois communities

Turning Data into Action

As community leaders, your goal is our goal. Erikson provides communities and stakeholders with the tools to use data to inform advocacy for early child as well as policy changes.

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Informing statewide Head Start policy

Head Start programs in Illinois used the Illinois Risk and Reach Report for their program and community assessment and federal grant applications.

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We, The Village, advocates for racial equity in media campaign

The early childhood coalition utilized data from the Illinois Risk and Reach Report to highlight racial disparities and advocate for a more equitable landscape in its #AllinforEarlyEd social media campaign.

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Support the physical, social and emotional well-being of students in East St. Louis

Early Development Instrument data informed the local school district’s decision to hire a director of parent and student support services, a family engagement specialist, and a social and emotional learning specialist.

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Kankakee County awarded six-year grant of $2.1 million for Children’s Mental Health Initiative 2.0

Using Early Development Instrument data, five communities were awarded funding to enable mental and physical health providers, schools, parents, youth, and other community organizations to develop a coordinated system of care for children and families.

Customized Solutions To Fit Your Needs

Build Strategic Plans and An Informed Workforce

You can incorporate young children and racial equity into your programs with help from Erikson. We offer customized solutions that best fit your needs.


Tailored Learning Experiences

Dive deeper into your organization’s needs with customized workshops

Project Consultation

Lead your organization with an equity-centered approach