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Early Childhood TEC Center Services

Innovative professional development workshops, webinars, and programs designed to develop early childhood educators as leaders in technology integration in early childhood classrooms.

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Erikson Institute’s Early Childhood TEC Center’s professional services are individually developed to support principals, district leaders, and individual teachers.

The goal of the TEC Center professional development workshops are to support educators to more successfully use and incorporate technology into their teaching and practice in an intentional, meaningful, and effective way. We support educators in developing technology resources and lesson plans for technology use with children directly but also support educators and administrators in using technology to communicate, connect, and engage with parents and caregivers.

We bring Erikson’s expertise directly to your staff – in-person, online, or a combination of both – so that your entire staff can participate and develop new skills in the context of their everyday activities.

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TEC Center Training

Professional Development (PD)

Workshops, webinars, and programs may focus on the following topics:

  • Rethinking Technology Use in Early Childhood
  • Strengthening Caregiver Engagement & Education
  • Technology & Social Emotional Learning
  • Supporting All Learners with Technology
  • Media Literacy in Early Childhood Education
  • Reading, Writing, & Digital Tools
  • Among many others…

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Idalia Katzarov
Teacher, Green Bay Early Childhood Center
“ To summarize the workshop: transformative, reaffirming. Our staff appreciated that the workshop formalized a lot of our thoughts and ideas regarding our Remote Learning Instructional practices. We have felt like we were kind of floundering for what to do with students and this helped us transform our perspective to see that a lot of the same principles apply, we only have to modify the vehicle of delivery instead of the content. ”

Current Professional Development Work

TEC Center currently has PD contracts with Chicago Public Schools, Connecticut Office of Early Childhood, among many others. Recruitment is open for youth library staff as part of our IMLS funded professional development program Media Literacy in Early Childhood for Youth Library Staff

Download TEC Center’s PD Flyer to see which options best fit your early childhood professionals’ needs.

Free Professional Development Opportunities

Stay tuned for upcoming free webinars with TEC Center.

This year you can find us presenting at the following conferences: Connected Learning Summit, ACM’s InterActivity, International Communication Association Conference, Annual Bright Start International Conference, and others to be determined.

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TEC Center Research

The TEC Center conducts research to scientifically answer critical questions regarding the role of technology on young children’s learning and development.

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We Are an IL-EMPOWER Approved Learning Partner