Please read all guidelines prior to submitting your abstract proposal. Only complete abstract proposals should be submitted. There will be no opportunity to make changes to submitted abstract proposals.

General Submission Guidelines

  • Abstract proposals must be in English.
  • Abstract proposal text should be original and in compliance with all copyright laws (i.e., not previously published/presented). Abstract proposals can discuss work that was used in a prior presentation/publication. However, the abstract proposal text and focus must differ from the previous presentation/publication.
  • To ensure anonymity, when reviewing abstract proposals, authors should provide no identifying information (i.e., nothing that might identify authors, such as author names, school names, or city or state names) in the title, the overview, or on any pages of the abstract proposal. Proposals submitted with identifying information will not be considered.
  • Compose the abstract proposal text in your own word processor before submitting it online. Be sure to check spelling, word count, and conformance with the guidelines.
  • Use a standard Times New Roman font, no smaller than 12 point. PLEASE DO NOT USE ANY SPECIAL FORMATTING (i.e. different fonts, all capitalized, double spacing, italics, bold and special characters).
  • An individual may submit more than one abstract proposal. However, space and time constraints may allow only one selected presentation per author/organizer.
  • All communication regarding the conference will be sent to the first author/organizer. A valid e-mail address is required for all submitters.
  • Once you enter a submission, you will receive a confirmation that your submission has been received.
  • For oral presentations, presenters must use PowerPoint or present from handouts. A projector and screen for PowerPoint will be the ONLY audio-visual equipment provided. Presenters must bring their own laptop computers. IT help will be available for connecting computers to projectors. No additional audio-visual equipment will be supplied or can be used.
  • For poster presentations, presenters must provide their own poster board. Also, there will not be room for any additional equipment (i.e., tables, chairs, laptops, etc.) at the poster presentations.

Oral and Poster Presentation Guidelines

A complete abstract proposal includes the following:

    • Identification of presentation format (either oral, poster, roundtable discussion, or workshop).
    • Two (2) learner objectives (i.e., measurable outcomes of presentation which complete the sentence, “The learner will be able to. . . “); each limited to 25 words, or less.
    • A statement regarding the target audience of, or the purpose for, the presentation (50 words, or less).
    • Abstract proposals should consist of an abstract proposal of no more than 800 words, including citations and a list of references cited in the abstract proposal of no more than 500 words.
    • Abstract proposals from the conference will be printed in the final meeting program. Please use the basic form for your abstract proposal. UPPER CASE should be used for HEADINGS, NAMES and lower case should be used for text (descriptions).
    • A profile for each author / presenter (contact and professional information) must also be submitted. Only professional information is required for co-authors.
    • The presenting author should be listed first in the order of authors.
    • Oral presentations will be restricted to 25 minutes plus 15 minutes for a question and answer dialogue with the audience.