A young child grows, develops, and learns within a circle of relationships — family, caregivers, and community.

We believe that to effectively treat problems, we need to understand your child as part of that circle. And we will look beyond the symptoms or specific behavior that brought you to our clinic to see your child as a whole.

“The staff was very supportive and very thorough; at any given time there were two or three therapists present to get as many perspectives as possible.”

– Mother of a recent client

Our interdisciplinary team will evaluate your child’s development in all domains: physical, social-emotional, cognitive, and sensory/motor. This distinctive Erikson approach is at the heart of what we do at the Center for Children and Families, and it is what separates us from other clinical services in the Chicago area.

We’ll help you understand the underlying developmental factors influencing the behavior or issue that concerns you. We’ll show you how to tap into your family’s strengths with different strategies to address your child’s needs. You’ll be part of the therapeutic plan, which will take into account your family’s goals, values, and culture.