“Is this normal or a sign of a problem?”

Probably most parents find themselves asking that question at some point in their child’s early years. If you’re wondering or worried about some aspect of your child’s behavior, growth, or development, we can help.

Call us if:

  • You have talked with your pediatrician and you still have concerns about your child’s development, or if someone has recommended testing your child
  • It is a constant struggle to manage your child’s behavior
  • Your child appears hyperactive, or has trouble listening or paying attention
  • Your child seems overly anxious, has trouble separating from you, or struggles with shyness and making friends
  • Your child struggles to cope with difficult circumstances such as loss, divorce, or chronic illness in the family
  • You are concerned about your child’s sleep or eating habits
  • Your child is often sad, withdrawn, or has low self esteem