The Illinois Department of Public Health requires that all students attending a post-secondary institution show proof of the following immunizations before registering for classes:

  1. Two doses of a live measles vaccine administered at least one month apart and after first birthday
  2. One dose of a live rubella vaccine administered after first birthday
  3. One dose of a live mumps vaccine administered after first birthday
  4. One diphtheria/tetanus (Td) booster within ten years of enrollment

Proof of immunity or a diagnosis of measles, mumps, and rubella is also acceptable documentation. Acceptable documentation must contain the month, day, and year of the vaccine, proof of immunity, or the day the disease was conferred accompanied by a licensed health care provider’s signature.

In accordance with the above stated requirement, all degree and certificate students enrolled in an on-campus program at Erikson and registered for 3 or more credits are required to submit a completed Immunization Record Form. Forms are included in the admission materials sent to all admitted certificate and degree program students, and are also available from the Registration and Student Records Office. When completed, the forms should be returned to the Assistant Director, Registration and Student Records.

The following exemptions will be granted in lieu of the vaccine if proper documentation is presented along with the Immunization Record Form:

  1. Medical condition or pregnancy;
  2. Religious belief; or
  3. Birth date on or before January 01, 1957 (only an exemption for measles, mumps, and rubella)

Additionally, all students doing fieldwork/internships in licensed centers must have health forms completed and on file indicating the results of the tuberculin skin test or chest x-ray and general findings on communicable diseases and physical and emotional conditions (Section I, A and Section II, A and B of the “Medical Report on an Adult or Child in a Licensed Child Care Facility”). It is the student’s responsibility to comply with any additional health-related requirements of his or her fieldwork or internship site.

Erikson Institute’s health examination and documentation requirements may be supplemented or changed without notice at the discretion of the Institute or as required by a change in state or federal law.