Erikson’s professional development courses may offer several types of credits. The credit(s) you choose to earn will depend on your profession and your primary goal — enrichment, credentialing, or advancing in your career track.

You can request multiple credit types when registering, for an additional $15 fee.

Choose the right credit types for you

Continuing education units (CEUs)

For teachers, administrators, childcare providers, early interventionists, and social workers. CEUs can be applied to your licensing requirements, professional credentials, and other professional development plans. CEU course work requires some form of response or interaction by those attending. One CEU equals ten hours of class participation.

Continuing professional development units (CPDUs)

For teachers and childcare professionals. CPDUs are recognized by the Illinois State Board of Education and are awarded for participation in a broad range of activities, including action research, workshops, seminars, and conferences. CPDUs are earned at the rate of one credit for each hour of participation. Teachers in Chicago Public Schools can earn lane placement credit through many of Erikson’s action labs and courses. For teacher recertification, a total of 8 semester hours or 24 CEUs or 120 CPDUs must be acquired during the five-year recertification cycle. At Erikson, you can fulfill these requirements at your convenience, choosing from year-round offerings, symposia, and conferences.

Early intervention credit units (EICUs)

For early intervention specialists. EICUs are applicable to the Illinois Early Intervention Credential. Our course offerings in this area focus on the core content areas for promoting the child’s optimal development in family and community. They are approved by the Illinois Early Intervention Program.

Social work continuing education units

For social workers and administrators. SWCEUs are approved by the Illinois Department of Professional Regulation. Erikson’s course work in this area addresses current knowledge and emerging developments that promote the high standards of practice set forth by the National Association of Social Workers.

Marriage and Family Therapy (MFT) credit

For marriage and family therapists. Continuing education credits in MFT are available for a variety of courses.