Date  ▾ Course # Course Title Cost
July 27 W939 The Price We Pay for Caring: Stress and Anxiety Management for Social Workers, Teachers, and Early Interventionists $90.00
July 27 W926 Transitions as They Were Meant to Be: Planning Transitions in the Preschool Classroom $90.00
August 4 W933 Challenging Behaviors in Young Children: Research and Practice $150.00
August 10 W932 Design Thinking for Curriculum Creation $90.00
August 11 W925 Pre-Verbal Trauma: Never Too Young to Remember $90.00
August 17 W936 ADHD: What it is and What to Do $90.00
August 17 W934 Keeping it Real: Realistic and Developmentally Appropriate Approaches to STEAM with Infants, Toddler, and Two Year-Olds $150.00
August 18 W937 Executive Functioning: Empowering Children for Learning and Growth $90.00
August 18 W938 Increasing Equity in Education and Health $150.00
August 19 W935 Monitoring Madness: Making the Most of Center Time and Small Groups $150.00
August 25 W924 Profectum Parent Toolkit: Empowering Parents and Caregivers of Children with Autism $90.00
September 15 W941 The Executive Orders, Trauma, and Instilling Hope: Creating Safe Spaces for Immigrant and Refugee Communities in Chicago $150.00
September 23 – November 11 MATH-III I <3 Foundational Mathematics Series $270.00
November 10 W946 It Takes a Village: Supporting Families of Young Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders $150.00
December 8 W949 Conversations in Black, White, and Blue: Getting Real about Implicit Bias $150.00
December 9 W950 Police and At Risk Communities: Building Bridges in Unexpected Ways $150.00
February 22 – April 12 PROED1 - WEB Progressive Ed for the Early Years: ONLINE Introductory Series $300.00
February 24 – April 14 PROED1 Progressive Ed for the Early Years: Introductory Series $300.00
February 24 – April 14 PROED2 Progressive Ed for the Early Years: Advanced Series 1 $300.00