Achieving Biliteracy in Dual Language Classrooms: A Practical Approach

This class has ended.

Date: Tuesday, July 7, 2015 – Thursday, July 9, 2015

Course #: W763 (2015)

Time: 9 a.m. - 3 p.m., daily

Location: Erikson Institute

Cost: $450.00 $400.00

Credit Available: 1.5 CEUs; 15 CPDUs


This three-day series empowers teachers to integrate the Biliteracy Unit Framework (BUF) in their early childhood program. Widely known as the gold standard in dual language education, the BUF maximizes instruction and integrates curriculum– but how can teachers practically apply it? Sara Robles and Susan Pryor, the instructors, have utilized the framework in multiple grade levels and will share their experiences with unit design, building oracy, reading comprehension, writing, and word work.

Workshop Agenda

Day 1 – Tuesday, July 7

  • Overview of Bilteracy Unit Framework (BUF)
  • Writing big ideas
  • Working within existing contexts
  • Considering standards, existing curricula, and program design

Day 2 – Wednesday, July 8

  • Building oracy; Background knowledge
  • Reading comprehension
  • Using appropriate strategies for early childhood settings
  • Achieving comprehension in context of an integrated curriculum

Day 3 – Thursday, July 9

  • Writing
  • Word work
  • Examining characteristics unique to the Spanish language
  • Implications for doing word work in Spanish
  • Adapting popular curricula as additional supports to BUF


Participants will…

  • understand all elements of the Biliteracy Unit Framework;
  • understand what a big idea is, and apply this understanding to the development of curricula in their own context;
  • learn practical strategies for increasing student participation, productive and receptive language, and background knowledge;
  • learn developmentally appropriate strategies for promoting reading comprehension in an integrated curriculum;
  • learn practical strategies for integrating writing and word study considering the unique characteristics of the Spanish language;
  • and reflect on their professional practice in order to solve and improve their own instructional methods.


Susan Pryor, M.S.

Susan Pryor, M.S.ECE., has been a kindergarten teacher in the dual language program at Erie Elementary Charter School for four years. Pryor holds an master's degree in early childhood education from Erikson Institute and a bachelor's degree in deaf education/elementary education. Pryor is Cuban-American and grew up in Miami as a simultaneous bilingual. She was drawn to dual language education as a way of maintaining a connection to her Latino heritage while working to help the next generation maintain theirs. Her knowledge of sign language has enriched her pedagogy with second language learners. Susan has worked at the preschool and kindergarten levels across a range of educational settings. She has also worked at a national level to support systems level change as an information/training specialist on a federally funded grant.

Sara Robles, M.S.

Sara Robles, M.S.ECE., began her career as a Montessori educator, learning the value of integrated, child-centered methods. While Robles attended Erikson Institute, her career evolved into the field of bilingual education. Since that time, Robles has taught in a variety of dual language settings from preschool to first grade. Robles is experienced in designing curriculum for biliteracy, presenting at professional conferences, as well as consulting for colleagues and school districts in their endeavors to improve dual language programming.

This class has ended.