Early Intervention Methods: Historical and Future Trends

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10 a.m. - 1 p.m.
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Erikson Institute
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0.3 CEUs; 3 SWCEUs; Approved by Illinois Early Intervention Training Program for 3.0 - Intervention
 Approved by Illinois Early Intervention Training Program This workshop invites participants to explore the history of early intervention with a focus on service delivery methods. Participants will weigh the pros and cons of center-based delivery and natural environments, and will be introduced to the philosophy and principles related to the Primary Provider Service Delivery model. Terms like transdisciplinary, coaching, natural environments, and self-reflection will be dissected and discussed, with the acknowledgement heartfelt debates will be expected... and encouraged! This is the first session in Erikson's three-part series, Early Intervention Methods. Discover the other sessions here.


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