Making Sense of Number Sense: Developing Numerical Literacy in Young Children

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Date: Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Course #: WEB104

Time: 10 a.m.-11:30 a.m. CDT

Location: WEBINAR

Cost: $45.00

Credit Available: 0.1 CEUs; 1.5 SWCEUs; 1.5 CPDUs


In this session, teachers will be introduced to key skills and understandings that contribute to strong number sense. Number sense enables children to be flexible, automatic and fluid with numbers so they can be efficient and strategic problem solvers. Participants will consider big ideas and strategies that young children need to explore on their journey of learning about numbers, subitizing, counting, and unitizing. Teachers will learn how to apply this knowledge in assessing what children know — and what they need to know next.

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Lisa Ginet, Ed.D.

Lisa Ginet works with Erikson’s Early Math Collaborative as the Assistant Director of Instruction. She has spent more than a quarter century as a general educator in various roles: classroom teacher, child care provider, parent educator, home visitor, teacher trainer, and adjunct instructor. She has worked in diverse settings, from child care centers and elementary and middle schools to community colleges and private universities. She has taught mathematics to children from infancy to middle school and to teachers in college classes and workshops.

Lisa Ginet’s doctoral dissertation was titled “How Does It All Add Up? Investigating How Teachers’ Attitudes & Beliefs About Mathematics Interact with Classroom Practice in Teaching Math to Young Children.”

This class has ended.