Our Change Will Do Them Good: Primary Provider Service Model in Early Intervention

This class has ended.

Date: Saturday, December 7, 2013

Course #: W752

Time: 9 a.m.-3 p.m.

Location: Erikson Institute

Cost: $150.00 $90.00

Credit Available: 0.5 CEUs; 5 SWCEUs; Approved by the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program for 5 contact hours in the area of Intervention


This workshop is designed for anyone who works in the Early Intervention (EI) system: those new to EI and seasoned professionals, those primarily responsible for service coordination to service provision. Participants will focus on two interrelated aspects of our work: the development of functional outcomes and the Primary Provider Service Delivery Model.  Building on an evidence-based foundation, participants will learn the guiding principles of functional outcome development, specifically focusing on development of transdisciplinary outcomes.  Participants will be introduced to the philosophy and principles of best practice related to the Primary Provider Service Delivery Model, and will dissect and discuss terms and concepts such as, “transdisciplinary”, “coaching”, “natural environments” and “self-reflection”.  Change is not always easy or even welcomed; heartfelt debates and impassioned discussions are expected and will even be encouraged.


Jennifer Rosinia, Ph.D.

Rosinia has more than 25 years of experience in pediatric occupational therapy. A specialist in serving the needs of children birth to age three and their families, she also has extensive experience working with school-aged children and young adults. An Erikson alumna, she holds a master's degree in early childhood education and a doctorate in child development. Her expertise is in neuroscience with a particular interest in sensory processing, the role of emotions, and the impact of relationships on the developing child. She enjoys a national reputation as a speaker and consultant. She is president of Kid Links Unlimited, Inc., a company whose mission is to link theory to practice, parents with professionals, and kids with their optimal potential.

This class has ended.