Pre-Verbal Trauma: Never Too Young to Remember

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Date: Friday, August 11, 2017

Course #: W925

Time: 9 a.m. - Noon

Location: Erikson Institute

Cost: $90.00

Credit Available: CEUs, Social Work CEUs, Approved by Illinois Early Intervention Training Project for 1.0 - Atypical Development, 1.0 - Intervention, and 1.0 - Working with Families


Parents, educators, and other professionals will develop an understanding of how trauma that happens during the pre-verbal stage of a child’s development impacts daily functioning within their homes, schools, and communities. While there is a misconception that children can be too young to remember trauma it is, in fact, a highly damaging for a child to experience trauma before they have the language skills to create a narrative of their experience. The memory is stored implicitly and can cause children great distress as they grow older. However, because pre-verbal trauma is encoded in the brain, they won’t be able to connect their distress to their previous experience without the help of a trauma informed professional. Attendees will learn how creating trauma informed environments for these children and teaching parents to respond in a therapeutic way can help children begin to thrive.


Julianne Neely

Julianne Neely MSW, LCSW is a special needs mom, foster parent, business owner, and pediatric therapist in Chicago, IL. She treats children struggling with a variety of emotional and behavioral issues at her private practice, Individual and Family Connection in Roscoe Village. She is a leading expert in pediatric mental health and has written over 20 publications for major magazines and online resources. She is frequently sought after for her expertise in parenting and pediatric mental health issues such a trauma, attachment, and childhood anxiety.

This class has ended.