Trauma in Early Childhood: Understanding and Responding


9 a.m. - 3 p.m.
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Erikson Institute
Credit Available:
0.5 CEUs; 5 SWCEUs; Approvaed by the Illinois Early Intervention Training Program for PARTIAL CREDIT: 1.0 hour in Atypical Development, 1.5 hours in Intervention, and 1.0 hour in Working with Families
It is often simple to forget just how much trauma can potentially affect very young children. Regardless of age or level of resilience, the effects of trauma on very young children can last a lifetime. This workshop addresses trauma as experienced in early childhood and its effects on children ages birth to five years. Using a developmentally and culturally sensitive framework, participants will explore potential risks to children's relationships and ongoing development, as well as best practices for fostering resilience and healing. Through case studies, lecture, and discussion, participants will leave the session with enhanced skills in helping children and their families. The session will also consider how working with young children and families affected by trauma impacts professionals, and provide tips on self-care and staying connected, grounded, and hopeful.


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