Young Children & New Media: Librarians Reframing the Discussion

This class has ended.

Date: Thursday, June 5, 2014

Course #: TEC100

Time: 1:00 pm - 2:30 pm CT

Location: WEBINAR

Cost: Free!

Credit Available: 1.5 CPDUs; 0.1 CEUs


This session is sponsored by Erikson Institute’s TEC Center – an innovative online community dedicated to the effective, appropriate, and intentional use of technology and interactive media as tools with young children.



The discussion surrounding young children and new media has been robust, and many professionals who serve children have entered the conversation to add their perspectives. Often these conversations become mired in personal beliefs and absolutes, creating clickbait controversies that ultimately detract from the potential of these technologies to support the early literacy development of young children. Little eLit, a think tank of librarians and other child-focused professionals, has presented itself as a key contributor to thoughtful conversations exploring the possibilities new media present for early literacy development in children.

This webinar will focus on how librarians, by utilizing some of the guiding principles of The Touchpoints Model of Development, are serving as media mentors and reframing the discussion around young children & technology to avoid sensationalism and better reflect real-world uses and practices.

Key perspectives will include:
• Focusing on the Parent-Child Relationship: How can new forms of media be used to support the development of relationships between the caregiver & the child?
• Recognizing what you (as an ECE professional, librarian, or caregiver) bring to the interaction: Technological competencies vary; how can caregivers, educators, and librarians start where they are to support 21st century skill building?
• Valuing passion wherever it is found: How can the passion to do what is best for children be channeled into productive practices and relationships?

The webinar’s overarching goal will be to provide a framework for considering the use of new media with young children in ways that are supportive and respectful of child development & the importance of relationships.

This class has ended.