Drive Full S.T.E.A.M. Ahead! Realistic and Developmentally Appropriate STEAM Methods with Infants, Toddlers, and Two’s During Daily Routines

Young children have few opportunities to engage in STEAM learning before age three. This workshop will help you provide those opportunities!

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Approved by Illinois Early Intervention Training Project for:

  • 5 hours in Intervention

Research reveals knowledge of the world around them is one of the strongest predictors of young children's future science learning, as well as reading and mathematics. However, evidence also suggests that young children have few opportunities to engage in scientific and math learning before they enter school. 

This workshop allows participants to explore everyday routines and teacher-child interactions that support science, technology, engineering, arts, and math learning for infants, toddlers, and two's in natural environments. Join the group and explore how you can dramatically change the future of a child's learning life!

About the Instructor

Angela Searcy, Ed.D., holds teacher certification and specializations in infant studies, assessment and response to intervention. Her research revolves around brain-based learning as assessed by the Classroom Assessment Scoring System (CLASS) and aggressive behaviors in Head Start preschool children in Illinois. Angela has over 28 years of experience at all levels of education. A former developmental therapist through the early intervention system of Illinois and neuro-developmental specialist, Angela also has specialized training in neuroscience. Angela currently acts an an adjunct faculty and continuing education instructor at Erikson Institute. She is also professional development provider for Teaching Strategies, LLC, an affiliate trainer for Teachstone, a member of the CLASS Community Advisory Board, and is the owner and founder of Simple Solutions Educational Services, a professional development company.  


This workshop will help participants:

  • identify and describe the various components of STEAM and how they can be applied to simple routines 
  • create and plan activities that support STEAM
  • support families in implementing STEAM during natural caregiving routines

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    We currently do not have any offerings available. To connect with us about future opportunities, send an email to [email protected]