We create knowledge about effective early math education.

Giving early childhood teachers the knowledge and tools for better math instruction is essential — but it’s not enough.

It’s also important to evaluate teacher education efforts, improve them, and share the lessons learned. That’s part of Erikson Institute’s mission as the leading graduate school in child development.

The Early Math Collaborative is actively researching various aspects of teacher learning, teacher knowledge, early mathematics teaching, and the development of children’s knowledge of math. This work addresses knowledge gaps between research and practice, and commonly draws on the fields of mathematics education, developmental psychology, cognitive science, and early childhood.

More information about Early Math Collaborative research is available on the project’s website, earlymath.erikson.edu

Research fellows

The Collaborative supports research fellowships held by two Erikson doctoral students in applied child development, as well as one master’s level research intern. They are involved in data collection, analysis, and literature review on all topics. Their training and experiences with the project represent a long-term contribution to the field of early mathematics education.