Fussy Baby Blues Group
Web-based support group starting March 3, 2015.

Meet other families who have a fussy baby without leaving the house! Join a web-based support group for families with a fussy baby and moms who may be experiencing postpartum depression. Full details »

Hosted by Beyond the Baby Blues and the Fussy Baby Network at Erikson Institute.

In the news

Fussy Baby Network was featured in an ABC News story about new research that shows infants with persistent crying issues are more likely to develop behavioral problems as children. Read the article »

Doris Duke Foundation renews funding

We’re pleased to report that the Doris Duke Charitable Foundation has renewed its support of the Fussy Baby Network with a three-year, $1.3 million grant.

The grant will support services to approximately 2,000 families in the Chicago area; strengthen activities to address the dual risk of maternal depression and infant crying; expand our national network to six sites, including sites which will adapt the model for inclusion in primary care; and increase the evidence base for the model through an expanded outcomes evaluation.