Infant Development Degree for Early Intervention Therapists

(45 credit hours)

Prepare for the complex role of infant/family specialist. This field has greatly expanded in the past 20 years because of new research and understanding about the importance of the first three years of life. In response, recent legislation and policy initiatives have created an enormous demand for services for infants and their families.

The infancy development concentration prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Infant Toddler Credential, Levels 2-6, through the Entitled Route. This concentration also prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Early Care and Education Credential, Levels 2-6, through the Entitled Route. To earn the credential, you will need to complete the appropriate Gateways application and provide documentation of your academic and professional experiences. Requirements, timing and related costs may vary.

Students who are accepted to the MSCD program with this concentration and desire to work in Part C/ Early Intervention as a Developmental Therapist may be eligible to receive generous scholarship funding as part of the Trauma-Focused Interprofessional Preparation grant, or Project Tip, from the U.S. Department of Education’s Office of Special Education Programs (OSEP):

  • Full or part-time students are eligible for up to 40% of tuition support which totals $19,740 over the course of the program.
  • OSEP funding has a service obligation in which MSCD Infancy students agree to work as Early Intervention Developmental Therapists.  Upon graduation, they are required to spend four years, at least 50% of their time, working with children birth to five with disabilities and delays and their families for four years upon graduation.
  • Recipients will also participate in a 3-credit interprofessional trauma-focused seminar in addition to their course program.

For more information about the Project Tip grant, eligibility and requirements please contact Dr. Pam Epley at [email protected] or Dr. Linda Gilkerson at [email protected].