Early Childhood Education Cross-Concentration Program

30 credit hours

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This concentration is comprised of four core courses in child development and six courses from any of the concentrations. The Cross-Concentration is suited for educators who seek to build knowledge in more than one area of early childhood education. By selecting a cross-section of available concentration courses, students can address specific interests based on their current or desired career position and professional development.

Cross-Concentration students will also complete a capstone project with a specific focus in a specific setting and with a specific population. Prospective students will speak with the Cross-Concentration academic advisor to help ensure selected courses best fulfill their academic needs for the capstone project. This concentration is comparable in quantity and rigor to all other concentrations. Regardless of which courses are selected, all students will benefit from the Erikson approach: knowledge, practice, and reflection. Students will develop both a strong core of knowledge and how to apply their learning into their profession.

Due to a number of two credit hour courses in the Bilingual/ESL and Special Education concentrations, students may end up with 31 credits even though 30 credit hours are required for the Master’s degree.

Key Benefits:

  • Use an interdisciplinary approach to examining your work.
  • Address big ideas and concepts across the disciplines.
  • Sharpen competitive edge in the marketplace.

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