Early Childhood Education Leadership and Advocacy Online Master's Program

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30 credit hours

Develop strong skills in management, working with adults, policy influence, and advocacy to position yourself as an effective and visionary early childhood leader. Our Early Childhood Leadership and Advocacy program will prepare you to reflect on and develop your leadership skills and knowledge and use your voice to advocate for policies that are in the best interest of young children and their families.

This focus area prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Early Care and Education Credential, Levels 2-5, through the Entitled Route. The Leadership and Advocacy focus area also prepares you to seek the Illinois Gateways to Opportunity Illinois Director Credential, Level 3 (IDC3), through the Entitled Route. To earn the credentials, you will need to complete the appropriate Gateways application and provide documentation of your academic and professional experiences. Requirements, timing and related costs may vary.

Key benefits:

  • Increase skills to meet growing needs in early learning settings.
  • Develop relevant, in-demand expertise.
  • Sharpen competitive edge in the marketplace.

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