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Whether it’s high-rise living, a courtyard building, or a traditional walk-up, Chicago offers an amazing variety of housing options. Chicago is a city of distinct neighborhoods, many of which were historic enclaves for a particular ethnic group and continue to retain a distinct cultural flavor.

Erikson does not offer campus housing but we do realize that finding the right apartment can cause some anxiety if you are not familiar with Chicago’s housing market. In order to help you in the apartment search process we work closely with Student Space, a free apartment finding service that specializes in helping graduate students find housing in Chicago. StudentSpace was founded by former graduate students who understand the unique needs and challenges of graduate students who are looking for a place to live. They can make your search for a place to live much easier by providing not only valuable information but also tours of properties throughout the city. You can reach StudentSpace through their website at www.student-space.com or via email at [email protected].

Erikson students live in a wide range of neighborhoods in Chicago and in the suburbs. While we can’t make specific recommendations about where you should live, we do encourage you to find a neighborhood that suits your style, taste, and budget. We strongly recommend that you not sign a lease or any housing agreement until you’ve had a chance to personally visit the unit in which you’re interested and the surrounding neighborhood during both daytime and evening hours. If you are not in the local area and choose to work with StudentSpace, they can help you find an apartment remotely.

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Public transportation

Because parking in downtown Chicago is costly, Erikson Institute participates in the University Pass (U-Pass) program through the Chicago Transit Authority (CTA). This program offers full-time students a discounted pass for unlimited rides on all CTA buses and trains and PACE buses for a discounted fee of approximately $130 per semester.

To be eligible for a pass, you must be enrolled for five or more credit hours during fall or spring semesters, or four or more credit hours during summer term.

Please note that in order for Erikson to participate in this program and offer this benefit to students, all eligible students are charged for a UPass, whether or not they use it. If a student who was eligible at the beginning of a semester subsequently drops below the required credit hours, the student’s UPass will be deactivated, and the fee may be refunded on a prorated basis. The U-Pass is issued as a Ventra card that includes the student’s name, picture, and school name, and it may not be transferred or shared.

The CTA train stop closest to Erikson Institute is the Grand stop on the Red Line or the Merchandise Mart on the Brown Line. Bus routes serving Erikson’s campus on LaSalle Street include the No. 65 Grand running along Grand and Illinois, the No. 22 Clark, and the No. 156 LaSalle. Several Metra train stations serving downtown Chicago are also close to Erikson. For Metra fares and schedules, contact the RTA at (312) 322-6777 or www.metrarail.com.