Deepen your knowledge or develop a specialty.
Update your current skills.
Add a credential to your resume.

Erikson’s graduate certificate programs are designed to meet these goals and more. We offer the comprehensive, high-quality courses you want, taught by the same recognized faculty that teaches in our master’s and doctoral programs. This is education you can use right away, as soon as you start your first course.

Choose your certificate

Bilingual/English as a Second Language Certificate Program (Online Offering)

Designed to meet the needs of novice and veteran early childhood teachers who seek the bilingual or ESL endorsement/approval by the Illinois State Board of Education.

Infant Mental Health Certificate Program

Prepares experienced infant/family specialists and mental health professionals who will work to support the emotional health and development of infants, toddlers, and families in a range of settings.

Infant Specialist Certificate Program

Experienced professionals — including those with advanced degrees — will prepare to work with children from birth through age three and their families. Specialize in one of two areas: infant/toddler child care or prevention/early intervention, including a yearlong internship in your area of focus.

Child Development Certificate Program

Be prepared to respond effectively to the needs, challenges, and strengths of children and their families.

Online offering: Several courses from the Infant Specialist Certificate Program are available online for academic or professional development credit. Online infant specialist courses

How does it work?

These 18-credit hour programs fit into your working life. Classes are conveniently scheduled in the evenings to accommodate your work schedule. Programs can be completed in two years or less, taking one or two courses per semester.

Certificate programs do not lead to a degree, and courses you take in the program cannot be applied to an Erikson degree program.