B406 – Methods and Materials for Teaching New Language Learners I

2 Credit Hours

The widespread presence of language minority students
in American schools posits a variety of challenges for all
involved in their education. Classroom teachers in particular
face the daily practical demands imposed by curricula
and learning standards on one hand, and a student
population whose linguistic, economic, ethnic, and cultural diversity warrants instruction that is complex and dynamic,
on the other. In consequence, today’s teachers must gain
knowledge about instructional strategies proven effective to
teach language minority students, and be prepared to examine
the implications of language and culture for the selection
of materials and pedagogy.
This course will allow in-service teachers currently working
with language minority students to consider the theoretical
underpinnings and pedagogical rationale for a variety
of teaching methods used to support successful learning for
young English learners, and to incorporate them into the
practice of their own early childhood classroom.

Programs that require this course: