C471 – Child Life: Methods, Advocacy, and Professional Issues

3 Credit Hours

Note: This course and 100 hours of volunteer time in a hospital setting are required for students participating in a child life specialist internship placement. Students wishing to register for this course must first seek approval from Dr. Sharon Syc, Clinical Associate Professor.

This course will explore theory, research and practice in the field of Child Life, including the skills, knowledge and requirements necessary to be nationally certified as a Child Life Specialist. Topics will include evidence — based practice, expressive activities and issue specific interventions, family-centered care, grief and death, therapeutic use of humor and animals, complimentary therapies and the impact of culture on families coping with healthcare encounters. The needs of special populations including children with intellectual and developmental disabilities, the children of adult patients, and medical patients who have mental illnesses will be examined. Professional issues including confidentiality, boundaries, ethics, and interdisciplinary teamwork will be explored. Students will examine issues in clinical practice and the political and economic challenges child life specialists face in today’s healthcare environment.