D440 and D441 – Field Instruction I and II

2 Credit Hours

2 credit hours each semester

Field (internship) courses satisfy both Erikson and Loyola
social work requirements and are taken concurrently with
academic courses and the Supervision Seminar during students’
second year of study. These field courses provide the
opportunity for students to acquire, integrate and develop
skills to learn about professional relationships, the professional
code of ethics, assessment, treatment planning, and
intervention. Students typically are placed in an agency or
other setting that serves children and families for two days
each week. Placements begin in September and end in May.
The minimum number of hours required for this field placement
is 450. These placements are determined by an assessment
of learning needs of the student and must be approved
by Erikson, Loyola, and the field agency.

Programs that require this course: