F436 – Working with Individuals, Families, and Groups

3 Credit Hours

This course introduces students to the theoretical foundations and fundamental purposes, functions, and methods of working with children, families, and groups. The course explores ways of understanding family structures and dynamics, including definitions of the family, cultural underpinnings of diverse family structures, and gender roles. The course also examines the nature of the helping relationship and approaches to engaging with families and groups including roles, boundaries, confidentiality, and the balance of power. It presents a range of possible interventions with different kinds of families and groups within their historical and socio-­cultural contexts, including family therapy, early intervention, and community -and school-­ based interventions. Different group formats and interventions are also examined, including self-­help groups, parent training groups, therapeutic groups, and online groups. Ethical and legal issues in working with children, families, and groups are considered.