I372 – Infant Mental Health Practice: Developmental Intervention

3 Credit Hours

As a foundation for infant mental health practice across
settings, this course reviews a range of approaches to developmental
intervention with young children with social/
emotional, behavioral and developmental concerns and
their families and addresses how the child’s and family’s
strengths and vulnerabilities
inform the intervention process.
Emphasis is placed on the Developmentally Informed,
Individual Differences Based, Relationship Focused
Intervention (DIR) paradigm and floor time strategies as
a comprehensive approach covering developmental capacities
of the child, children’s individual differences in sensory,
motor, and reactivity and the relationships that support
development. Participants will learn to observe functional
emotional developmental levels, understand individual
sensory profiles, and implement floor time strategies in
different settings. Participants will also learn to integrate
behavioral strategies as needed to assist parents with their
child’s development and with common behavior problems
and regulatory issues such as sleeping, feeding, toileting,
discipline, and coping with stress. The course is accompanied
by a clinical seminar and can be credited toward a
DIR Certificate.

Programs that require this course: