I394 and I395 – Internship and Seminar I and II

6 Total Credit Hours

The internship consists of 10 hours per week of directed
field experience, tailored to your learning needs and supported
through individual supervision and an internship
process seminar. Your faculty adviser helps you select an
internship site. An on-site supervisor provides you with
guidance and weekly supervision. You can intern within
your place of employment, if you undertake a special project
focused on a new aspect of your work with infants and
toddlers. An Erikson faculty adviser provides individual
reflective supervision and goes onsite to observe and meet
with you and the site supervisor. You also participate in an
infant studies internship process seminar. If you wish to
meet the requirements for an early intervention specialist
credential in the State of Illinois, you must take INF I397
and INF I398 along with the internship and must intern in
Part C early intervention services. You must be available
during the daytime, Mondays through Fridays, to complete
an internship in an early intervention site.

Programs that require this course: