I496 – Emerging Developmental Differences

2 Credit Hours

This course is designed to delve into differences in developmental trajectories across a number of domains. Specifically students are guided in the underlying processes and presentation of variations in social/emotional, sensory, regulatory, motor, cognitive and communication/language development in the first three years of life. Within each domain students will learn to differentiate variations in developmental pace (slower or more accelerated than expected) from development that is progressing along a different path than typically expected. Students will be exposed to specific diagnoses and how those interface with variations in development within the domains. Throughout the course, consideration will be given to the interaction of social, cultural, and interpersonal environments with infant development.

This course is to be taken in conjunction with Infant Toddler Screening and Assessment. This will support students in developing a basic understanding of how development may follow a different qualitative or quantitative trajectory in various domains and how that interfaces with screening and assessment applications.

Programs that require this course: