K431 – Collective Action for Social Justice

3 Credit Hours

This course builds on concepts learned in K410 – Introduction to Developmentally-Informed Social Work; K430 – Working with Individuals, Families, and Groups I; and K422 – Human Development II: Psychosocial Development from Early Adolescence through Adulthood.

Students will review their theoretical understanding and practice knowledge regarding working with groups, and will be introduced to theoretical and practice knowledge related to working with multicultural organizations and communities, particularly with regard to social justice issues. The course content is framed through ecological systems theory and focuses on the knowledge and skills required to seek out, understand, and work with the strengths, capacities, resources, and/or assets that organizations and communities possess in relation to their broader environments. Themes of social and economic justice, community advocacy, democratic participation, and community empowerment will be explored. Throughout the course, case examples and linkages to field instruction will be used to engage students in collaborative investigation of issues and skills involved in macro-practice.

Programs that require this course: