K436 – Advanced Practice with Parents and Children

3 Credit Hours

This course builds on concepts learned in Human Development I and II; Working with Individuals, Families and Groups I and II; and Advanced Practice with Children, Adolescents and Adults. It is designed to deepen students’ theoretical understanding and practice knowledge regarding working with children, parents, and other caregivers around social/emotional, behavioral, and relational challenges. Students will expand their competencies in individual, dyadic, family, and other approaches to working across home visiting and agency-based settings. The course will review and critique evidence-based intervention/treatment models, with a specific focus on working with children and families within their developmental, historical, and cultural contexts. Attention will be placed on working with specific populations that our students are likely to encounter in their work including: adolescent parents, immigrant families, families experiencing trauma, parents with mental illness and/or substance abuse/dependence, and children/parents with other specialized needs and concerns.

Programs that require this course: