K441 & K443 – Foundation Supervision Seminar I & II

2 Credit Hours

2 credit hours each

Concurrent with their first fieldwork experience in K440 & K442 – Foundation Field Instruction I & II, students will participate in a weekly group supervision seminar that focuses on learning through self-reflection, reading, discussion, and ongoing group participation. The goal of this course is to help students integrate knowledge with practice and reflection and to deepen their capacity to reflect on their social work practice. Students will be asked to think critically about what they do, why they do it, how their practice both reflects and affects who they are, and what they believe about people’s struggles and change processes. Students will also be asked to reflect upon the structure, mission, and goals of the organizations they are engaged with, and to consider how these interact with their own professional identity, experience, and belief system. Social work’s fundamental values, ethics, theoretical concepts, and skills will provide the underlying framework for the course.

Programs that require this course: