K450 & K452 – Advanced Field Instruction I & II

Credit Hours

1.5 credit hours each


These courses are designed to be taken during the second or third year of the Master in Social Work program by students who have already completed K440 & K442 – Foundation Field Instruction I & II, or students who are enrolled with advanced standing. Students enrolled in this course will also be concurrently enrolled in K451 & K453 – Advanced Supervision Seminar I & II, Children and Families.

Students will have the opportunity to increase their knowledge and experience by applying their classroom-based knowledge of social work theory, skills, values, and ethics to a deeper level of experience in the field. Students will also have the opportunity to develop specialist practice skills while also learning about the realities and demands of professional practice. Throughout their second placement, they will also be given the opportunity to develop their professional identity as practitioners in a concentrated area of social work.

Programs that require this course: