T409 – Teaching and Learning in Diverse and Inclusive Settings: Reading and Writing for Bilingual and English Language Learners

3 Credit Hours

This course prepares teacher candidates to guide young
children from diverse family, culture and language backgrounds
in learning to read and write. Teacher candidates
learn to recognize and describe developmental stages
in learning to read and write for 4- to 8-year-olds in
their home language and English as a second language.
Teacher candidates will become proficient in describing
and identifying different factors that influence the learning
process, and designing curricula for reading and writing
that meet the Illinois Learning Outcomes and Illinois
Early Childhood Education Standards. Teacher candidates
develop a framework for building a classroom library of fiction
and nonfiction reading materials that reflect the literary
traditions and points of view of a diverse multicultural
society. Methods of teaching reading and writing use this
broad base of literature to facilitate the integration of reading
and writing with mathematics, science, social studies,
and the arts.

Programs that require this course: